Tri-Hidden Panic is a three member’s band. It was created on November 11th 2014 by the actual members who are Clémence Ciglar (guitar and lead vocals), Hugo Da Costa Pina (drums) and Corentin Delmas (bass and backing vocals). The band was created following the split of Clémence and Hugo’s ex-band. They played together since 2010 and kept playing when they decided to take Corentin in. Corentin had some experiences with different bands but never lead to something serious.

Us three

When they started to play together, their music style was different from their actual one. It started more of a Pop Rock band, with only a drum/bass/guitar trio. But they decided to add electronic sounds to complete their music and to give it a whole new color. Their inspirations come from a wide musical spectrum, from hard rock/punk rock to rap, or even funk and soul music.

They try to share their taste and passion for music using different types of sounds (some very electronic, other referring to real instruments they couldn’t play onstage). They participated to different festival and competition in order to improve themselves as well as their music, and to share their unusual but simple genre and state of mind to a larger scale. They’re not planning on quitting the band, because even if they’re studying or working, they would love to live throughout their passion.